Complete privatization of the educational system in Pakistan

Forced in Pakistan (you call it compulsory) and the model of free education came from the UK, rather it was inherited. Forced (compulsory) education was introduced in the UK in 1880, and the Law on Freeing of Public Education was passed in 1891. The accident happened in the United States after Britain. In the past, the education system was completely private in these countries. The question is why it was felt that a government system of education should be introduced instead of a private education system.

Explaining the Act in which free compulsory government education was introduced, WE Forster said that the purpose of the establishment of these public schools was not to introduce alternatives to private educational institutions but to the gaps contained therein. The purpose is to fill them. Further explanation of the fact that private school owners in remote areas did not receive adequate profits due to the low number of students, which is why they were reluctant to open schools in such areas. The state has started public schools in such areas so that the children of such populations are not deprived of education. But in the end, what happened was that the education system that came to fill the gap was only knocked out by the private education system.

EG West, one of the biggest supporters of liberal education, writes:

“But the officials who were concerned about the scheme of public schools were more sentimental than the reports they used to convey about the needs of those schools, as when these public-school structures stood across Britain. They found out that they were built in such a way that it contained extra space.

When the mystery of this overcrowding was uncovered, and schools were found to be missing children, the Board of Education reduced tuition fees to cover their senses and maladjustment and to cover the damage it caused. Depending on the public tax money for when the cost of education went down, the demand was increased according to the simple principles of the economy, but it was paid by private schools. Many private schools closed down because of this non-transparent competition. ”

This was the story of the beginning of government system education. Now, let’s see how this education is compulsory and free. As the education was made compulsory on the one hand, the supporters of the public schools argued that it was wrong to force the poorest people in the society to do what they could not. The solution to this problem would be to provide financial assistance or loans to these poor people; these public school supporters insisted that education should be made free for everyone. Thus the whole system of education was leaked.

What happened now…. The schools that were built to fill the gaps in the already existing private education system came into a relaxed situation because of the free education as it was necessary to have the majority of the free education population selected. It was then that private schools began to decline rapidly and government schools began to grow at rocket speed.

Interestingly, in the UK, when literacy was fully private, the literacy rate was much better. Before the introduction of forced public ‘free’ education, the literacy rate was high from 1800 to 1840, while the educational institutions were private.

Now, let’s move on to Pakistan’s official forced and free education system. A section of society that is relatively prosperous sends its children to private schools or those who are more able to send their children to Diarrhea. The poor people, whose pockets are empty but want to teach their children, are for public schools. Schools that are taxing companions whose children do not attend these schools.

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