How to get a scholarship in Turkey universities?

Turkey has announced an award to provide students with opportunities in their educational institutions to students and students around the world, including Pakistan.

According to the details, the Turkish government will bear all the expenses of the students who are successful in obtaining a scholarship.

According to officials of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), the Scholarship is for undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. programs.

The Turkish Scholarship is a government-funded program, which provides students around the world with the opportunity to study in the best universities in Turkey. The Turkish Scholarship aims to strengthen cooperation between countries.

Turkish Institute of Overseas Turkish and Turkish Community Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities, called “YTB,” aims to provide scholarships to foreign students to provide higher education opportunities in Turkey for 2019. Has started receiving requests.

The “Turkey Scholarship” provided by the Turkish Institutes of Turkey and the Turkish Community “YTB” pursues higher education in Turkey’s top universities, completes training, and operates the Short Research Program under various categories of Government of Turkey. Scholarships are awarded according to merit while providing financial resources.

Turkey’s Scholarship awarded by the Government of Turkey is working through a network aimed at promoting cooperation between Turkey and other countries. From January 15 to February 20, all countries seek the “Turkey Scholarships.” Can be referred to These requests will not be received by bye-mail, nor will any payment be requested for a referral. Applications can be sent directly to the YTB via the Internet. Scholarships for Turkish and Turkish community at SeaWorld are awarded for graduation, post-graduation, and doctorate.

In 2018, 355,000 students turned up for “Turkey Scholarships.” Turkey is studying in universities in different cities, using “Turkish Scholarships” from 175,500 students from 160 countries of all worlds.

All foreign students can refer to the Internet to receive “Turkey Scholarships.” The “Turkey Scholarships” provide the opportunity to apply through the Internet at different times of the year. After interviewing all the necessary documents and relevant certificates and degrees in the first phase, talk the students in one hundred places around the world Is invited.

Interviews conducted by academics and YTB specialists provide “Turkey Scholarships” to successful students. Students coming to Turkey after receiving a scholarship continue their education at their respective universities after completing their first Turkish language course.

The “Turkey Scholarships” provide a specific amount of funding for graduating, postgraduate, doctoral, and research scholarship students to establish and meet their needs. All students receiving scholarships are provided with health services during their stay in Turkey, and their health insurance premiums are paid for this purpose.

All students receiving a scholarship are paid by the government of Turkey for the first time after returning to Turkey after completing their education.

Azmir University

To provide a scholarship that has taken a regular course load of their academic program for this academic year, successful academic students with a grade point average of 3.50 or above have been awarded out of 4.00. Academic Achievement Scholarships Students are awarded scholarships that are valid for the academic year.

Learn more about Izmir University. Don’t miss your chance and apply! On the right side of the website with a detailed profile of the University, there is an inquiry form through which you can contact the adviser who will assist you with the application process.

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