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I became friends with many Bangladeshi students in Japan. These people were getting scholarships and studying in Japanese universities. Besides, hundreds of students from Malaysia, Taiwan, Russia, and Indonesia were also contacted. There were no Pakistani students among them.

The Japanese government spends a lot of money on overseas development, providing technical and educational assistance to developing countries at all levels.

Japan’s Ministry of Education (Moroboshi) issues major scholarships for foreign students to come to Japan for research or higher education, known as the “Moroboshi Scholarship.”

Our students do not benefit from this scholarship because our respective ministries do not try to convey to their students where in the world, there are opportunities for higher education on learning.

The mono-basic scholarship amounted to about 184,500 (one hundred fourteen thousand five hundred) yen or about fifty thousand rupees monthly. Besides, the airline arrives in Japan also provides Japan’s Ministry of Education.

This scholarship is awarded to scholars who have finished four years after high school (intermediate) in their country. That is, only those who have completed at least an MSc or MA or MA or BA and MBBS can apply for this scholarship.

Instead of applying directly to the Ministry of Education, the Professor of Japanese University is contacted. The opinion of teachers is critical in Japan.

The visiting teacher’s bureaucracy dominates bicycles. In Japan, a professor can’t recommend a student, and the bureaucrats do not accept it. But it is common for Japanese teachers to say that they cannot support a disqualified person.

The way to get a scholarship is to have students who have graduated from four years in their countries’ first year in molecular biology; then they will be on the list of full professors at a National University of Japan with an MSc final specialty in molecular biology.

They will contact the department’s teachers and write to them that they would like to come to Japan and, under their guidance, want to research in their laboratory. If the Japanese professor is ready, he will also name the student in the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education will notify the successful individual that its name has been added to this year’s list. Otherwise, at least it will say that his name is on the list and if he is not selected for this year, he will be invited to Japan next year.

Just because you received a scholarship form means that you have been selected. There are three kinds of colleges in Japan: (a) National Universities (b) Public Universities and (c) Private Universities. Professors from the National University are contacted for the Mambo Show Scholarship or the public university professors after that.

Finally, contact the private university. Also, be sure to always correspond with the full professor. It would be pointless to contact an ad hoc or associate professor.

Scholarships in Japan

  • During his stay in Tokyo, I met a professor of microbiology at the University of Karachi who had visited Japan at the invitation of Japanese professors.
  • MS also agreed with my view that teachers have a very high position in Japan, and the government does not ignore their opinions. He said that the Japanese
  • When the teachers came to visit the University of Karachi, they had invited us verbally to attend the Japanese University and said that we would send you official invitations to Japan and that happened.
  • The monobasic scholarship is awarded by the Japanese government, while foreign students are also offered scholarships through 33 local prefecture ‘cities’ towns and villages in Japan.
  •  In addition to the AIEJ (Aviation of International Education Japan), 162 private foundations across Japan also offer scholarships to international students. The Japanese Embassy can be contacted for details of these scholarships.

Following are some essential website links that provide information on scholarship and higher education in Japan.

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