The dark side of the British education system

The dark side of the British education system:

The British education system is considered one of the best in the world, and students from British schools are considered intelligent and decent, but a recently released survey reports on the other side of the picture. Introducing

Every day in the UK, ten students are excluded from schools because of their involvement in fights. In these fights, various weapons are used, from knives to knives to guns.

According to the survey report last year, students and teachers were also attacked by pepper spray and blades and threatening to intimidate. A student at an Essex County school placed a knife on another student’s vein. Another student was expelled from school for throwing a fire extinguishing cylinder headmaster. A child at a Leicester school stole a hammer from a school bus and threatened his classmates with bullying.

In Birmingham, students were prosecuted for spraying daggers, knives and peppers inside schools. A student began beating a teacher with a rope, which resulted in his expulsion from school. Another student attacked his colleague with a teardrop. A student in West Sussex was suspended for trying to rob two of his classmates. A student in Croydon, south London, injures another with an air shot.

This survey of British Councils was conducted as a result of a request under the Freedom of Information Act law. The survey revealed that out of a total of 150 councils, 57 received reports of temporary or permanent removal of students from local schools. The reason for the students’ expulsion was their involvement in the violence. According to the survey last year, 594 cases of this species occurred. However, they were only a third of the Council’s figures. The number of incidents in the remaining two-thirds of the councils should be taken into account in the same way, last year, around 1,800 students were expelled from schools.

“Schools should be safe for students and staff,” says Chris McGovern, chairman of “Campaign for Real Education” and former history teacher. A student who poses a danger to others should be educated in a separate place until we are convinced that he is no longer a danger to his peers. ” The highest number of 112 incidents of violence in schools occurred in London.

The trend of violence among British students is not just limited to high school students, but elementary school students are also involved in violent incidents. According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, 8,000 students were expelled from primary schools in the last school year for attacking school staff. That is, an average of 40 names are excluded daily. Thus, elementary school students were found to be more aggressive than high schools. A spokesman for the British Department of Education says, “It is absolutely unacceptable that students threaten and torture other students and teachers with weapons.”

Teachers’ powers have been increased to overcome the growing trend of armed violence among students. They can now detain students without notice, forcefully search for weapons when they are suspected, and forcibly expel a student who is in the classroom.

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