The education system of Finland. World best education system

Finland is a small country with a population of 55 million and an area of ​​393,000 square kilometers. Finland is by far the state equivalent to the Balochistan province. Finland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world with a per capita income of $ 75,000, which is the tenth highest in the world. Finland is ranked among the three best in the world. Finland ranks sixth in the world in terms of good governance and third in terms of least corruption. If we analyze all of Finland’s qualities, Finland’s best education is because of education. A Finnish scholar and thinker say that ordinary people in Finland are always educated and that is why their success in the world is the secret. They say that even though we have fewer resources, as a small country, we cannot compete with other countries in human resources. We have neither oil nor other natural resources. But we have the mind, intellect, consciousness, and wisdom that we create through education. If we consider, Finland is ranked first in the world because of the best education system in the world. Second place is Switzerland and third place is Singapore, while the United States is ranked 20th.

It will be the only country where no subject will be taught. Finland is one of the countries in the world where teachers are respected and honored more than engineers, doctors, and people from other walks of life. If Finland’s president and prime minister find out that their function honored if there is a teacher of a nearby school, college, and university. In Pakistan and other developing countries, the education of a child begins at the age of 3-5 years, and today he started sending school from the age of 3 years children have more need of care when they are older and are appropriately loaded on their shoulders the burden of books. They go to school carrying the unbearable burden of useless books. Children in Finland do not have any exams and tests for six years of education.

Children in Finland, like Pakistan, do not take quizzes and exams. In Finland, regular child exams are taken at the age of 16. Because they are made to understand things first. Students, whether they are qualified or qualified, are taught in one classroom. The educational system does not belong to our country. On one side there is a toilet school in Pakistan where there is no drinking water and a bathroom, while on the other, what is the education system that is being destroyed in the name of private, in which only the children of rich and honest people can go? 5% of Finland’s students go to colleges, which is a record, and much higher than in other countries in Europe.

The number of science students in schools does not exceed 16. Students are given 75 minutes intervals during the period while school children in Pakistan are given no time for recreational activities. In Finland, teachers take less time in classes and focus more on training children and handling professional matters. School teachers need to have a master’s degree. Whereas in Pakistan, a student who fails the examination of CSS, PCS and other right positions will later fall into the field of education. In Finland, 100% of the educational institutions are run by the Government Fund, and all the educational institutions have the same curriculum. 10% of those who attend Finland is in top graduate. Finland School Teacher Salaries are $ 40,000. In the Finnish system of education.

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