The importance of education in human life

One of the greatest blessings of the Creator of the universe is that He has made us Ashraf al-Mukkhlots. The first seminary of a man is his house where he is raised, which brings him to a certain way of thinking and acting. The child who grows up in the arms of a virtuous woman is certainly a good person and a good Muslim. The child is a mirror of the mother and contains all the qualities of self-respect, loyalty, and honor that were present in her mother. Ignorance in human beings ends not only in education but also in nurture.

Education is one of the basic needs of every human being, whether rich or poor, male or female. It is the basic right of a human being that no one can take it away. If seen, then the difference between human and animal is due to education itself. Education is the guarantee of development for any nation or society. This education causes the development and decline of nations. Getting education doesn’t just mean taking a degree from a school, college, university, but also learning about culture and culture so that humans can take care of their social traditions and society. Education is the embellishment that embodies the character of the man. In this world, people are born who have no education and no meaning to them. They live like animals and depart from this mortal world. What a human being should be like in the world, it is essential that we know what a human being is and what the purpose of his creation is.

If everything is seen in the world, then it is reduced by sharing, but education is a wealth which does not decrease by sharing, but it is increased by the education of the people of Ashraf al-Makhluqs. Otherwise, there is no difference between animals and animals. Lived Getting education is permissible in every religion. Islam has been mandated to study. The need for education is of paramount importance in today’s turbulent and fastest days, no matter how much time it has developed. Although today is the era of computers, the era of nuclear development, the era of science and industrial development, but getting basic advanced education, technical education, engineering, advocacy, doctorate and various advanced sciences in schools is an essential requirement of today. ۔

Even Muslims have never shied away from modern education, but most of the modern-day sciences are founders. Islamic history testifies that Muslims gained prominence in religion and the world by pursuing education and training, but whenever Muslims turned away from knowledge and education, they were enslaved or whenever they deprived themselves of education opportunities. Have they lost their identity as a nation?

Today, educational institutions in Pakistan are hit by terrorism. Enemy forces seek to weaken the country by mistreating innocent people through education. There are also elements in the country that are obstructing the education of children in areas where they are influenced by their interests using their sovereignty, feudalism. They discourage the education of children because they want to work with these children at low wages. This is why the literacy rate in rural areas is low. Due to which, many children are deprived of their education, and their future is dark. That is why our young class is left behind in the race for education. Politicians, on the other hand, are against the promotion and spread of education. In addition, government officials do not pay attention to education. The main reason for this is that education will create awareness among the people and thus make the public feel the real face of politicians and top government officials.

The secret of the development of the West is to make every effort to achieve the world and education the importance of education only. He has conquered the whole world on the same education bill. The success of the West and the fall of the East are also the reasons for education. Countries in the world whose economy has been destroyed have their defense budget worth billions, but education is inadequate, which is the cause of their destruction. If any country wants to develop, it should strengthen their educational institutions. To date, the nations that have made progress have only done so through knowledge. It is important not only to acquire knowledge but also to apply it. In the same way, it is not enough just to desire but also to take action to achieve it.

We need to get educated and use it properly, and if that is possible, then it is not far off that we will begin to be counted among the countries of the world who are aware of modern science.

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