What is the importance of education in Islam?

In Islam, acquisition of knowledge is considered the best course of action; Allah first started his word by reading and writing in the Holy Qur’an, because knowledge gives man the right path and enables him to develop his future. To improve according to the wishes, the difference between man and beast is thanks to education, because education is the path by which human beings truly become human beings.

Post-Pakistan education

It has been more than sixty years since the liberation of Pakistan and many educational policies have been formulated over the last several decades, but our educational system has so far developed only to the extent of policies and papers, which is a momentary thought. According to a UNESCO report, Pakistan comes in the list of six major countries in the world in which governments have failed in terms of educational development and people are still lacking basic education and the main reason for this is lack of resources. Not to invest in the field of education, to have no curriculum in the local languages ​​and to study in different educational institutions. Don’t be the same.

Private educational institutions

Private educational institutions are working in isolation from public institutions and the need for expensive education is not in everyone’s hands. Today, the market for education, promotion and quality is not only looting, but also the cunning of the investors. And Ayari gave the education sector a lucrative trade and industry and education became a lucrative business. Education, which is the most effective tool for the development of nations, is in the hands of the educational mafia Today, the lack of missionary spirit in the administration of educational institutions lacks the love and sincerity among knowledge seekers, investors. The capitalist system has taken hostage of every sector of the country, especially the education sector. Children studying in good and expensive educational institutions have opportunities to move forward, while children in public schools are left behind and unable to move forward in life. The result will be that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Will remain Unless the government is seriously investing in the field of education and we do not think seriously that economic and social development is possible without education, we cannot join the ranks of the developed nations.

The founder of education is Muslim

Muslims have never shied away from modern education, but most of the modern-day sciences are founders. By comparison, it would be inferred that the books written by Muslims in the universities up to Europe are included in the curriculum, the secret of the development of the West is education only and on the same education bill they have ruled the whole world while the fall of the Middle East. The reason is not education, if we want to progress, we have to strengthen our educational institutions. To date, the nations that have made progress have given thanks not only to knowledge but also to apply it. It is important not only to desire, but also to take action to achieve it, it is also necessary that our country should be educated. Yum should be made more and more common and cheap so that no one can lose education and get equal opportunities for all, then a well-educated society can be created. If we want to develop, we will take seriously education. All have to work together for We need to get educated and use it properly so the days are not far when we start counting in the countries of the world who are aware of modern sciences.

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