How can I get high marks in exams?

Our education system is based on two skills. The two skills if the children well. Then no matter what they play. If two skills are good, Education seems small.

  • Retain
  • Presenting

The problem is that our child does not polish these two skills. Honestly, tell how many of you to get the SQ3R.

What is SQ3R?

SQ3R is taught in the world’s education system. Because the child knows the scientific method of remembering a lesson. You have one suggestion. Learn this method on YouTube. In SQ3R, you will be told how to remember a lesson and remember it all year long.

What does research say?

Research says if you miss a lesson in thirty minutes. In the next 24 hours, they revise it in five minutes. So you will remember that lesson for a week. The next research says if this lesson is repeated after a week. So remember the lesson of the year Seventy percent.

What is the problem with our children?

Our children have the main problem. Our child remembers the lesson. Then remembers the next lesson the next day. After that, the series continues. And the previous lesson he forgets. Revision is Magic. If you spend some time repeating the lesson, So the lesson is saved in your mind.

Why does handwriting need to be good?

Make handwriting good so that their presentation will be good. Sketch well on the viewer. The address of the children’s paper presentation will be good. If you do these two things well, then your child’s education will become a peanut. Due to the absence of these two skills, the studies seem to be a mountain. Pick up any of your books today. Its pages will be more than 200 pages. These two hundred pages we have to read all year long, but we do not remember because no one has ever taught us the method of remembering lessons. Make your teaching easy. Teach your children the memory techniques.

Teach your children two methods to facilitate reading.

  • SQ3R
  • Mind map

Professor Samson’s Method, SQ3R. The American Army used it. To remember the map. Later, the same book came into being. This method is written in all the books you will find in Education Schools. Students should write to SQ3R on YouTube. A lot of his videos will come out. Listen to these videos and make notes of them. Get the kids into the habit. To remember a lesson is to remember the same method. It will be because of this. Their time will be saved. And children will not feel like a mountain of Education. And the students who leave the study incomplete will be saved.


It is not the teacher who leaves the child with a blunt mind. I believe no child is offspring. We just don’t know how to teach. If we learn this way, no child can live without Education. Putting something in a child’s mind that he can’t do anything. Makes That Student a looser, and he can never grow up in society. I think every teacher must first study psychology. So that they can examine the psychology of children. And don’t judge only by your limited intellect. We have given Books to Students, lectured them. But in this field, he did not teach them how to win. So focus on enabling students. Don’t make them a horse in the race for Marks.

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