What is an Examiners approach when the paper is in front of it?


  • How does Examiner think?
  • Who Does Examiner appreciated?
  • To whom does Examiner give a number?
  • According to Examiner, whose paper is very good?


If you understand what Examiner is thinking? It will be easier for you to get numbers.


For example, one task you learn every day. You learn to swim daily. They will say run away. You will say that I have been swimming for a whole year. Take the task of swimming with me. We do run away. That’s why the things the students are preparing for are not checked.

‘A myths in our students’ mind’


The more lines I write, the higher the number will come. The concept has changed. Examiner always watches whether the answer is relevant or not.

Examiner’s Approach:

What school are you studying what college are you studying Examiner doesn’t know them. Examiner doesn’t know whose paper it is? Rather, he guesses from the paper. That student is great. He puts the paper in front. Looking at the paper tells you what the paper is about is very rare. There are two approaches to it.


If you take a blood test, you do not get a picture in the blood test. But when a blood test report comes, it is for your blood. So the report comes to you. Your numbers have come or you have not.

One thing to always remember. Examiner looks at how he did the paper presentation. Remember one thing if you do not get a paper presentation. You might as well move on. But your paper presentation must be great to be a topper for going to A+.

What is paper Presentation?

Examiner sees if he has lines. Is the line straight or good looking? Remember one thing always. The more you facilitate the paper checker, the more he or she will give you the numbers. Headings are well written. Write what you want in the paper. Don’t write irrelevant. Answer the questions that are asked. Just answer them. Examiner sees how much paper he has cleaned. Handwriting should be clear. The person whose handwriting is not clear will not be able to read the paper or check it. Never use extra sheets. Because the Examiner is measuring your ability. It doesn’t give you numbers by weighing sheets. You’ve got years to read books. If you are given three hours, your paper will be well settled.

What is the Examiner approach?

I’m giving you three hours. You prove you’re a genius. The genius student understands that in three hours, I have to prove I’m worthy.


In the paper we are asked what Newton’s first law is. What we do we write Newton’s first law is the second? Then we wrote his date of death. So the question arises. He asked. Nevertheless, Examiner does not appreciate a student who writes more. Examiner likes children who respond to the points.


If you want to pass the exams. So make sure these are the guidelines for you. Due to which you can get a good position in the exams. Think of the Examiner before exams what does he want? He is happy to check out the kind of student paper. Which students suffer from it? Once you understand all these things, it may not be possible to lower your score in the exams.

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