Education System or Intelligence Killer


Try to understand a bit of this whole structure of the educational system. Why are we so ignorant about the sector that will determine the future of our next generation? That our children are simply being entrusted with this system, and are not even trying to figure out what the system is? The concept of the collective education system is not very old. This system was introduced into the world around the half of the nineteenth century. But it spread so fast that it dried up all the remaining water, coming to the sea of ​​education. Basically, this modern education system is not natural, but rather invented.

Industrial Revolution

In the West there was an Industrial Revolution, so a well-trained workforce was needed to operate the industrial system. To meet this need, the education system began to be organized. This educational system is a masterpiece of social engineering. The greatest project in the history of social engineering. Try to understand this. The main purpose of this educational system was to prepare the majority of the people for blue-collar work, so that the supply chain of the economy continued unabated, in order to keep the wheels of the economy spinning. Stay. To meet this need, up to matric education institutions were established.

In view of this system, the second fact was that clerks and managers handling industrial-era factories, who were suitably booted, but their work was primarily no more than a blue-collar worker. Instead of tools in their hands, paper pens and later keypad mouse were placed. To create this workforce, colleges, universities were created. Little by little, you will find that this educational structure of mass education is built on the basis of competition, so that only a small number of children can reach the final stage where they can label themselves successful lives.

Do schools kill Creativity Response?

The whole system of all the test entry tests and exams is witnessed by a large number of people who find themselves compelled to understand or understand the industrial machine. However, in this whole system of grading and tests, only a few people are delivered to the top. In order to keep that dream alive in the eyes of the students, they too can reach it. You should consider the whole structure of this educational system for the dream of bringing children to university.

Is Our Current Education System Failing?

On the basis of survival, because it seems possible to achieve great success by getting there. But in this whole process the child loses all his natural intelligence. Throughout the journey, the child was dragged to the destination where he stopped. A worker, clerk, manager or CEO, suppose that if a hundred children are put into the system, ten workers, 9 managers and a CEO, will emerge. Remember your fifth-grade class fellows, and see where to put them and to whom, the purpose of the whole classification was to instill in people the belief that the majority of people are not very intelligent. The scores obtained in the exam were intellectually linked, and thus, 90% of the students studying under the education system were assured that they were blunt-minded.

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