Failure of Education System


We are human beings, who start our lives from the point where we are nothing. What we become when we grow up depends on two things.

  • What kind of environment is around us, how we got to the environment?
  • How wide the world inside us can or cannot be?

One of the things that impresses the most in both aspects is education. For the past thirty years, education has become the main problem of nations. Earlier, the competition was not held anywhere, so what is the education system of the country? So what is the educational model adopted in the country? What is being taught in schools in Pakistan? What is being taught in schools abroad? It did not matter what India was teaching its children? What is being taught in US schools? This was not the problem of European governments, but now education has become the most important issue of nations.

Purpose of Today’s Education

Why did this happen, because education is now considered an order that aims to keep the economic wheel we created. The purpose is to create parts that can fit into the economic machine of countries. This thing has made education inferior and non-existent. At present, children in schools, colleges, universities are facing such an urgent challenge to become the largest component of the economic machine that children around the world are facing problems such as stress and anxiety.

School Dropout

On the contrary, the situation is that children are committing suicide even when numbers are low, schools are not being liked in schools and colleges. There is a term used in the education system, school dropout. That is, the children who cannot complete their education. It’s a hateful term. It sounds like the kids have disappointed the school. The kids have failed the school. In fact, the opposite is true, the school has disappointed the children, and the school has failed the children. What does it mean if a business loses 40 percent of its customers on an annual basis? Is that a business failure, or a problem with customers? Who can deny the fact that children love the process of learning? Children are born with unlimited space. They have a severe appetite for learning. Think to yourself, at the age of eighteen months a child learns to speak, and, interestingly, in a household if six languages ​​are being spoken, the child learns six languages. The reason is, children naturally love the process of learning. If the child is unable to complete his education, then the problem is with the education, with the educational model, with the education system, that is, the stage of education, when we start to teach the children systematically, i.e. school. And under the educational system, there are often practices in schools, colleges and universities that do not support the learning process but become an obstacle.

What is the purpose of education in the end?

Rather, ask yourself, what is the purpose of education in the end? Consider the child you want to teach. When a baby is born, it comes with the inheritance of two worlds. A world that was before it. Which will remain after it is gone. A world that does not matter if one has or does not have one. We call it the outside world. While there is another world, which is born when you are born. The world of your private consciousness and your private world, the world of yourself. We call this world the inner world. It is the world of our dreams, our abilities, our passion, our imagination.

What does the educational system do with a child coming into the world with this background?

The educational system focuses on the child’s outside world. While the problems that a child faces at an early age are related to the world inside him. Of course, the education system has a responsibility to help children understand the outside world, the world around them. But it should also be the responsibility of the education system to help the child understand the inner world. So that they can become someone who is rich, who loves the world? Being connected to the world and to yourself. The biggest drawback of the educational system, in our view, is that they are not ready to give importance to the child’s world. It does not matter what talent is in a child or what is not. The purpose is to cut only those pieces that can fit anywhere in a large economic factory. That is why, the educational system is not exploring all the possibilities that are naturally present in every child in different forms. And for these reasons, our education system fails.

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