How to Improve Memory

Our mind is capable of remembering two trillion words. Can learn forty languages can earn a dozen degrees from universities and other institutions. But the problem is, the lessons that are taught in schools are hard for the children. But they are not told how to work hard. How to remember the lesson? And how do they have a firm memory? This article has some tips if you are a student and want to get a good score or if your memory is weak. After following the lessons you remember for hours, you will be reminded within ten minutes.

  1. Stop memorizing every single word

Whatever you miss, never try to memorize words by word, but after reading a paragraph, select the keywords that are important or the words you remember. Remember the whole paragraph, try to remember these words.

  1. Reading Aloud Helps you Remember More Information

Whatever you miss, remember it loudly, the logic of the experts behind it is that when you read it out loud you get double benefit, because whatever you say, They also listen to your ears and secondly, when you speak loud, adopt a lecture style, and repeat as if you are teaching someone a lesson, because of the words and words you find when explaining something. Yes, it makes your lessons in your memory far more powerful. In addition, speaking louder and more persuasive is your ability to speak, and your ability to explain.

  1. Relate yourself to what you Read

You long remember the things, things, or events that you thought about. Events that revolve around you and around you. By connecting the lessons you remember to yourself, you can easily meditate. Like if you are missing an article, and if there is a character inside, you position yourself in that role. If a story or article has more than one character, you can imagine one of your friends. And set up a small sketch that reminds you of an entire story or article, and easily write it in your own words.

  1. If you sleep after you study, you’ll remember more

Try to fall asleep for a while after remembering the lesson. Experts give this tip, because when you remember the lesson, it is first saved in your short-term memory. Shortly after you fall asleep, your missed lessons, or the things you miss, go to long-term memory. Where they are remembered for a long time. Your body refreshes your body while you sleep. The repair of old cells, the generation of new cells, and memory consolidation also work. Therefore, full sleep is very important for good memory. Experts say that for a normal man, it is seven to nine hours.

  1. Study Breaks Help Your Brain Do More

Our mind processes different kinds of information in different ways, such as hearing happy things and having different emotions, and sad things and kind feelings. And in a spawn of different emotions, different parts of our brain react. Even when remembering a lesson like this, a certain part of your brain reacts in the same way as it is a lesson. Often the lesson is interesting, and some lessons are very boring. If only one part of the brain has been active for a long time, then humans will soon get tired. So if you read any lessons, try to take a break after twenty or twenty minutes, and do something else in the meantime. Like you could walk five minutes, or do anything else. Giving a break this way refreshes that part of your brain.

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