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Never argue with a child because the debate is only about the age of the child or your age. Do not let yourself down or expect the child to come to your level. Always allow the child to ask questions and Answer the question as much as possible, even if you can’t answer it, don’t scold it dearly.

Training the child is the responsibility of both men and women and educational institutions. This thinking has risen alarmingly in our society. Fortunately, educating children is no longer as difficult as it was ten to fifteen years ago. Parents’ awareness of education has increased manifold, so every conscious effort is made to educate their child in any way so that their child can earn a respectable life in this society. That is a welcome change, but unfortunately, both educators and practitioners are completely unaware that education without training is the same as wearing new clothes but not new ideas. You bought a car like this but never learned from a teacher to drive it.

Responsibility of the educational institutions

Undoubtedly it is the responsibility of the educational institutions to educate the children as well as to make their education truly effective and to innovate their thinking, but at the same time this responsibility of the parents. However, it is important that they benefit from their experiences and observations about life so that they can succeed in all walks of life.

Training for a baby in the world begins even before it enters the world, which is practiced in many developed countries. For example, in Japan, the child’s age includes the nine months he spent in his mother’s womb.

Baby Nature resembles to its Mother

According to a study, the baby takes about 8% of its nature from its mother. The thoughts of the mother, the habits of the mother and the emotions of the mother during these nine months determine the mood of the child and all these things depend on the behavior that is done with the mother in the meantime.

In our case, the thought of a woman in Indo Pak is guarded by her man and her in-laws, so more than one person’s behavior influences the mood of the child. Although it is not easy for you to be completely in control of a shared family, effort can certainly be made to keep the woman mentally comfortable and to behave well.

Advantages and disadvantages of children training

This effort may be the first stone of the foundation that you will train in your child. We have a shared family system that has its advantages and disadvantages. Here neither the boy nor the girl can be separated immediately after marriage, so stop thinking about where you do not have the option and acknowledge the current situation and solve the problems which are there. Let me start thinking.

Child training and spouse life are two important points that are worth discussing. Here is our focus on educating children so we will talk about it. First of all, husband and wife will have to understand that how they behave as they do today has a profound effect on their child’s education, so you both need great patience and patience.

Responsibilities of Parents

Interrupting parents, uncles and aunts is a natural process of confusing, arguing with them, distorting them or getting away from them (while living in a house). Does not go if you say anything to your parents, you will get angry and they will get angry. If you stop your uncle, your brother will get angry because he does not understand your position right now. But the talk will come back to the parents and in the end, if all of them get tired of the process and scold the child, then the hatred will start flowing inside the child.

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