What is Education, and types of Education?

Well if education is to be seen, then there are many. But the simple definition that we have brought to you in this article is that, as a human, you come across a positive change. You are strong Day to day body changes inside you. You know how to deal with situations. Or whatever kind of education you are getting, it is strengthening you. Teach you to walk with the conditions, and you can move on with the conditions. So that means you are getting an education. Education is a process in which you are going strong. You move on, you learn different things. Learn to live with this world. You have good communication skills. You practice good habits, your confidence in yourself is strong. Confidence comes in and so on. So the things you are learning, and the process in which you are getting all these things, then this thing is called education.

There are three types of education. Which is the first type,

  • Formal Education
  • Informal Education
  • Non formal Education
  1. Formal Education

This is the education we go to school, go to colleges, and go to universities. The education we are getting there, and since we are getting a degree there, the specialization we are heading towards. From school to university and then we have a certain degree. So the whole process is called formal education. That is, we make specialization within any particular article. So the education we are given within a school, college or university, and there is a special syllabus, there are books, we are moving towards a particular direction. This is called formal education. At the end of it we get a degree. So it also has a special limit.

  1. In formal

Then comes the in formal education. This is the education we get from our home. Learn from your parents. Our siblings teach us. We learn to drive a car. From childhood we learn to ride, or we learn multiple multiples. We know how to live life. There is one thing in common, that is, we don’t need a degree in it, nor do we need any specialization, nor do I need to read a particular book, or that I just have to do it, It has no limit. It’s limited, and we learn from the examples of others. We learn a lot from reading other people’s stores, learning from books, learning from people, or from people who tell us. So some of the knowledge we are getting, this whole education is called in formal education.

  1. Non Formal Education

The third type of education that is non-formal education. This is the most common education. Because you have often heard a phrase that gives life lessons, a teacher cannot give such a good lesson. So sometimes an accident happens in our lives, it happens, that we learn a lot from it. One is that we learn from someone else’s example. One is that our own entity exists. That is, if we have an accident, we have a story of our own, then we learn after stumbling. So here is your non-formal education. And that’s more important, because we never forget the education that it is. Learning from someone else’s example and reading books is, and is, a special syllabus, and reading, but what is a life lesson, is the most special and always memorable one.

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