Why is Canada’s education system so good?

The best thing about Canadian schools that you don’t have to spend a month on it. Whenever you come to Canada or just send your child. So you can have your child enroll in school anytime. All you have to do is write in Google. Welcome Center near me. From there, you have to get his address. Call you and book an appointment. They will contact you the next day. You should go there. The best part is that they do not take any tests while giving admission. The school only looks at your age; will in this grade, he will be given admission.

You only have to show three things in school.

  • Passport copy
  • Landing Documents
  • Residential address

A residential address is the most important thing. This is something you already need. Even before arriving at the airport.

Why is Residential Address important?

We can’t get our child to admission to our own custom school here. It’s not like we see a school’s rating. If the rating of this school is good, then we will get admission to our child in this school. Everybody has a school. There is an elementary, middle, and high school. When you address them, they will see which school. Your home is closest to the area. Then they will tell you this is the school where your child’s admission will take place. Now the rating of this school is good or not. You don’t have any choice.

If your child is weak in the study, School gives your child extra classes. A teacher appoints for your child for extra classes.

Canadian school breakdown in 3 steps:

  • Elementary
  • Middle
  • High

You will love these coins that they have broken down those schools in three parts. Grade 5 is Elementary. Know that there is no child fee up to grade 12. If you use the bus, the bus is also completely free. Copies of books do not cost you anything.

What are the things that aren’t free?

Football, cricket, karate are things that are not free. If you want to get, your kids involved. So you have to pay a fee. In the rest of the school uniform, stationery is completely free.

Basic Education System:

You may have seen what happens in other countries. Handwriting is given a lot of attention in schools. And a lot of attention is paid to spelling too. But that’s not the thing here. Not only are these people bored for baby spellings here. So what is the focus here? Children’s Grammar and English accent are two things here.

Research base Education:

You will be happy to know. These people do a lot of project base and research base studies. If you read anything, let’s remember. It is not. There is more focus on the Practical. This is because of what goes into the child’s mind. He will never forget a life-long child. In these schools, children’s minds are sharpened.

Student loan:

The next one is really worth a read. And after Grade 12, he cannot pay the fee. Then apply for a Student Loan. The procedure is to send a letter to your university government. We are giving this child admission to our university. When this letter goes, the Government will issue you a Student Loan. If you cannot pay the installment, then some loan allowance is free. Some Amount you have to payback. Here’s how to make a payback. The time to payback is nine years. Within nine years, they are required to pay back to you. You don’t have to pay for anything. After your graduation, you have to pay the installments when you get a job. If he updates the Government for two to three years, he is not getting the job. So after two or three years, they free it too. That loan doesn’t even have to be repaid.

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