But How About An Educational Revolution?

Everyone is crying for the destruction of education in the country but no one is taking responsibility for the destruction. From the people to the rulers, no one wants the rubble of educational destruction to be thrown on them. The people are blaming the rulers for the destruction of education, while the rulers are obliged to confer this honor on their seniors, who have passed away. Even more public. Granted, the rulers ignored the education sector and invited academic destruction, but if we look closely and think, we have worn the catastrophe into action.

Destruction of education

Today, if education is beyond the reach of the poor, it is the result of our actions and role. The rulers also built schools in remote areas along with the cities to educate the children and children of the poor people. Our own teachers were deployed in these schools. However, thanks to the stealing of these teachers, not only the government educational institutions were destroyed but the private educational institutions also had a chance to take over. Today, we blame the rulers for the destruction of education, but forget that we have any role in this disaster. I am not saying that rulers have no role or role in the destruction of education. The real hand and role is that of the rulers who did not allow educated Pakistan to become the destiny of this nation and country.

Funds in the field of Education

The span of 63 years is nothing short. The countries and nations that were liberated after us are far ahead of us in the field of education. The main reason is that they did not treat us like education, but they applied education to the chest. But what do we do with education… even thinking about it, tears are falling from our eyes to our rulers. There is no shortage of funds to support overseas trips and affiliates. But alas, when it comes to the education sector, these same rulers start crying about not having funds. In fact, instead of embracing education and cheating, we have put the non-existent in the swing. Just because it approves some funds.

Sector of Develop and Revolution

Now think for yourself how we can develop or revolutionize the sector for which we do not have the funds and which we have left at the mercy of others’ funds. The ruins started by ignoring the education sector in the budget, but we were not behind in this disaster by broadcasting the government educational institutions. In the earthquake, most of the schools were destroyed but before the earthquake. There were many schools in remote areas that had not started classes even after many years of formation, and those schools were crying out for our neglect – carelessness and incompetence by presenting scenes of ghost bungalows. But alas we were watching the spectacle. How can a country where educational institutions have this condition develop in the field of education? Is it possible to fulfill the dream of promotion education by setting up institutions in the name of education and locking them in place forever? Or by forcing an education revolution by forcing children like innocent and flower to study under the open sky. If not, then we are doing so. In this unfortunate country, there are many areas where educational institutions are not even known.

Slogan; Educate everyone

The educational institutions that were destroyed during the earthquake could not be built till date. Thousands of children are now forced to study under the open sky, but no one understands them. All children, rich or poor, attend religious schools under the shadow of a roof to study. If our arbitrary powers want to revolutionize the field of modern education, then they want to end their class system of education, educate everyone, and raise the slogan.

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