Purposeful Life with Education

Man is the highest creature in the universe and is the deputy of God on the earth. He uses intellect to achieve his purpose. He makes excellence and improvement in his work, and makes him superior to other beings. The right use of force also makes it impossible for others to do it. Man is a hidden treasure that gradually becomes self-contained. This process of discovering yourself does not end all life. As a human being, he disappears as much as he likes himself. And for him, his own self becomes invisible on the ocean, his life begins to look less for himself. Sadly in a man who does not value it, diamonds are always valued atomic, someone else should be valued.

Basically, man wants everyone to be dear to his heart. People view it with respect and respect. He is the highest in knowledge, wisdom and power. It is dominated by others. Its height is established and sustained on a permanent basis. All this is possible only with the purpose of life.

The question now arises why is it important to have a purpose in human life?

First of all, we must bear in mind that the appearance of a human being in this universe is not an accident, but a human being created for a specific purpose. The words of Ashfaq Ahmed are © “I know that I am something, because God does not make anything useless”. Now man has to know what the purpose of his life is. An example of this is that you have been given a thousand room keys and now you have to find the key to your room, yourself. As soon as the room is open you will see what is in you.

What skills have you been awarded?

Everything in the universe is meaningful and constructive. The sun, moon, stars, day, night, mountain, river, sea, air, water and everything in the universe have a purpose, so as the center of the universe, it is not possible for any of human life.

Human capacity is expressed by striving for a goal. Humans’ abilities are revealed at the same time as they use all their potential and energy to achieve something. Human beings perform miraculous miracles.

Time in the world also indicates that humans will have to accomplish great things in a short time. Time is too short for him, while man has to work for centuries in this short life. It is also true that man has very little time and work is very short.

Importance of Education for better Career

Life becomes a burden if it is not purposeful. Human thoughts become chaotic. The power of judgment disappears from it. It becomes practically cheap and lazy. It has nothing to do with knowledge, practice and affairs. Such a life takes the deepest depths of humility. In such a case, it becomes worse than the animals. Therefore, it is very important to have a purpose in life.

It is often seen that when a student is passing small parties and moving to the next, he does not know which subjects he should help to improve his or her future, for parents, teachers and teachers. Guide the selection of student essays according to the student’s abilities, and most importantly, set a goal for the student and accordingly arrange for him to provide additional information. Also, don’t let that kind of mess out He could calmly start his step towards his destination without hesitation, and had to deal with any difficulty in declaring his destination.

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