What is self-esteem and how is it born?

Self-esteem means trusting yourself. Knowing your abilities and trusting your strengths. Because of the lack of self-esteem, we don’t get a lot of work. Especially in today’s youth there is a lot of lack of self-esteem. They wish they could find a good job. If there is no sign of getting a job, then they stubbornly ask their parents for money to start their own business. Most parents do not trust their children and do not provide them with the funds to do their business. On the other hand, about 99% of the young people who give their families their trust and give them money. There are two main reasons for this failure, the first of which is the self-esteem of the youth. And the other important reason is inexperience. If seen, the biggest reason for the decline in self-esteem is parents. It is prevented from doing everything from the birth of a child to adolescence and it is believed that you cannot do it. This is not your time. You are a child now, you do not know about all these things. Most parents do not even give their children proper pocket money for fear that this child will waste money. To start a business, young people do not get money from home.

Reason for children’s lack of self-esteem

Parents find that parents do not trust and trust their abilities. All of this causes children to lose their self-esteem. They are always looking for the help of others. They do not believe in themselves that they can do any work without the help of others. They begin to realize that they will not succeed unless someone goes with them. Most people are looking for a partner or partner before starting a business. They will all work together and be equal partners in profit loss. There are very few people today as a single employer. Even if the business goes into partnership, those with influential experience become the owners of the entire business by deceiving other stakeholders. If the business does not run, many of the responsibilities themselves will be blamed for failure get rid of.

Another important reason for children’s lack of self-esteem is educational institutions. In our schools, confidence in children is not allowed. The teacher makes them a poor poet by giving them a specific task. I often ask students to translate a specific phrase into English so they will translate exactly what the teacher taught them. They have no idea of ​​right and wrong.


  • A competent human being at the wrong time or in the wrong environment can make a mistake in understanding the facts. Humans must review their important decisions at another and better time.
  • Humans should not wait for the last time to change within themselves.
  • There is no one in the world more stubborn than the one who has nothing to lose. People who believe in the feelings of such passionate people or fall into the trap of these things are often disappointed. The maturity of the character of a human being comes when he has everything to lose but he is willing to make the greatest sacrifice for the truth.
  • In life, the person who succeeds is the one who has the right understanding of his or her own weaknesses and weaknesses. He who knows his weaknesses seeks to remove them and thus gradually becomes a better person. And even if he can’t overcome his weakness, at least he knows where he can beat. On the other hand, when a person uses the strongest aspects of his personality at the right time and in the right place, success will kiss his footsteps.
  • A person who goes out on his own and on time will eventually suffer.
  • A cowardly man defeats even a weaker opponent than he can, and if a man is motivated, he can defeat a powerful enemy.

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