Who are the successful people?

What is success and when does a human being achieve real success?

Honor, wealth and fame are considered the standard of success in today’s world, but is it really the real success that a person has a lot of wealth, a world that recognizes him and the people of society respect him. This topic is hugely debated and perhaps for a large number of people it is a success that you have a bungalow, car and bank balance and people are bowing down to you. In a country like Pakistan, surely all these things are guaranteed to succeed if you have a modern model car and this is a status symbol, but there are some people in this country who do not have the same quality of success.

     How can I be successful in life?

“I do not know my exact age but the identity card is forty-eight years old, went to school for the fifth, then joined the farm with my father and in the season (called the days of tourist arrivals in Swat) there was a little dexterity, manipulation and guide. Used to work the parents married at the age of 20 and had become the father of three children by the time they reached the age of thirty, and a tragedy occurred. After the birth of the third child, the wife became infected that she died at the age of three.

After that life is not the same as before, but for the children to get better life and facilities. So the car of life kept pulling and the children got into school. Life was progressing somewhat better, and as the costs were rising, so many disasters suddenly began to unite us. Now the world is familiar with the story of the Taliban’s arrival in Swat, but we know only those who have passed on to us, and how we went through a great day in the meantime. In the early days, we too responded to Taliban announcements and were impressed with the cheering slogans of the Islamic system. All that was left was to hand over the cash and jewelry to the Taliban in Allah’s way.

What habits make you successful?

Except for your home, your area, your ancestral lands, traveling to foreign cities is not an easy task, sir!! We are the villagers, where can we live in the cities, where we suffer from this indecency but when the loss of life came to Rawalpindi with my two sons. They were here to know from afar. They stayed with them for a few days but we could not be a burden to anyone. A son’s testimony and deportation, poor exile and empty pockets. The accidents were huge but still less than our morale. The new life was about to begin and to draw the car of life, so the job of polishing shoes seemed to be the easiest, except for the rest of the wages.

What is the secret of success?

God has given two hands and two feet, otherwise many local men declared themselves affected by the Swat operation and started begging from place to place. Shame is a lot but what to do, disaster is such what to say to people. When it is difficult to earn a baking bread, less enthusiastic people give up. Allah has a great blessing for me to earn my living, start work at 8 am and leave at six in the evening. So much so that I and the kids eat the bread at lunch. Does not steal, does not rob, does not commit corruption or has never made haram? This is the successful life for us sir!! We think that the only person who is successful is pleasing to God and thanking Him for walking in a big car for the purpose of forbidding and corruption that is why we are successful people, sir. Custom, whatever we think. “

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